Here are some other sites you might find interesting :


Dragonfly Gallery - The original home of the SMS gallery as well as artist Jim Porter.

Ian Brooks Gallery - Some nice pictures made by the talented Mr Brooks.  He thought he'd managed to hide them - he was wrong.

The Essential Paul Carter - Illustrator and Musical Situationalist.

The Night Land - William Hope Hodgson's Mythos developed by Andy Robertson with art by SMS.

Oddmags - Website of artist and former SMS collaborator Simon Meacock.



Strip Magazine - The new comic aimed at KIDS (Specifically, 12 year old boys, but it's a start).  To date only available via comicshops but we're hoping it'll grow.Buy it 'coz it's time kids had a chance to read proper comics (With action, drama and man eating sharks) again.

Strip Magazine - Also Available Via iTunes!

Blog For 'Crucible' - The 'SF by stealth' strip by John Freeman and Smuzz to appear in 'Strip' Magazine in 2012. Featuring lotsa nifty 'Work in progress' and 'Promotional' stuff

Down The Tubes Comics - News Website by Comix Guru John Freeman.

The End Is Nigh - Eschatalogically obsessed comics from 'Doomsayer Mike'.

Interzone - Long running UK SF magazine and publisher of much SMS art over the years.

2000ad - Sole survivor of British comics publishing.

4 Color Heroes - The Moore Store - Site dedicated to Alan Moore (or God as he's known hereabouts) including SMS's contribution to the Moore legacy as inker/letterer on 'Captain Airstrip One'



Beyond Cyberdrome
- Regular British Eastercon event - what happens when you suggest it might be fun to build robots.

Beyond Cyberdrome LJ Community - What happens when you suggest that robot builders should talk to one another. 

Conbledegook - A wiki style glossary of SF convention terms for the confused.  A work in progress by Alex Holden.  Conbledegook entry for SMS with picture.

Orbital 2008 - 2008 British National SF Convention - come along, have fun, meet SMS.  

LX2009 - 2009 British National SF Convention - guess where we'll be at Easter 2009?

FONTzine Archive - The Manchester SF pub group fanzine.  You can find the artist here around once a month (work permitting and if it's his turn).

Arthur Chappell - The many and various writings of Manchester poet, commentator and FONT attendee.

Skylight Circus - Our local Circus school, 'cos they're cool and we like trapeze.

David B. Wake - Playwright, Stage Director and purveyor of much silliness.



For anyone who's ever looked at the stars ... and would like to do so again sometime:

For anyone who's ever breathed oxygen and would like to do so again sometime:

For anyone who'se ever thought (responsible) free speech and liberty was a good idea and would like to again:  An independent news website.

For anyone who'se ever thought there's a better way of getting about than sitting, stationary, in a car, and would like to do so again:



Really Heavy Greatcoat Store - Prohibitively priced tat with SMS artwork on it.