For years, Sms has been asking SF editors to give him stories with spacemen, girls in spacesuits, 

alien planets or aliens.   The editors, on the other hand, have tended to get him to illo ‘Proper SF’ which is all very nice and flattering but it can be a bit awkward when your art show consists of pictures of blank faced 
people staring at kitchens.

Finally, Sms decided he’d just paint a series of something he’d been doodling and 
using as ‘Autograph’ style sketches for years: Babes in tight fitting spacesuits.

It’s a happy coincidence that the moons of Uranus are all named, either after the heroines of Shakespeare’s plays*, or after the (Female) Sprites of Pope’s ‘Rape of the Lock’. 

Sms has a fascination for Uranus (No, please, let’s be serious here for a second), which has all the plusses of any Solar gas giant, but is just a little more subtle about it than the others.   It also has a wacky angle of rotation, which is great for Composition.  






It might reassure purists to know that the moons and the relative views of Uranus / it’s rings/ Albedos are fairly accurate. The spacesuits are completely accurate to C22 tech, which tends to incorporate a fair number of B&D memes.  

To date, 7 Spacegirls have been painted.

Belinda. Rosalind. Desdemona. Ophelia. Portia. Bianca. Juliet.  

A superficial glance at the list of Uranus’s moons will show that there’s a lot more yet to be painted.  
Sms is leaving Titania ‘til near the last    ...


*Well, all aside Oberon.   Puck, wonderfully enough is from Pope and is thus a Girlsprite.

Ophelia Juliet